Workcube Construction

100% integrated project management with ERP, CRM, SCM functions.

The Workcube Construction Solution provides all the needs of project management in the Construction and Real Estate sector with 100% integration with all ERP, CRM, SCM, and Human Resources Management functions.

With the Workcube Construction Solution, Construction and Real Estate companies can manage all processes through a single system. Using the system, they sell, buy, and execute projects, manage the workforce, produce, work with subcontractors, promote their business and manage all financial operations. Only an internet connection and a computer are sufficient to access the Workcube Construction Solution. In this regard, wherever you are, all of your project teams work on the same system, and the data, processes, and management are centralized.

Project Management

The Workcube Construction Solution project module is fully integrated with other Workcube modules such as budget, invoices, expenditures, finance, accounting, inventory, order management, payments, and purchasing. The information in the project module is automatically transferred to the other modules, which significantly reduces the data entry.

Manage an Unlimited Number of Projects

You can manage an unlimited number of projects in Workcube and associate these projects with each other.

Manage Your Project Income and Expenses

All sales, purchases, invoices, financial transactions, progress payments, expenses, workforce and material costs incurred in your projects are recorded with Workcube.

Manage Your Time and Resources

Workcube allows you to record all physical assets in your projects and use them in a planned way. With effective time-management tools, you can measure employees' time spent, your real workforce costs, and the performance of your project employees, and subcontractors.

Keep Track of Your Projects in Real Time

With Workcube you get real-time reports on your projects' progress, revenues, expenses, material and labor costs, progress payments, completed jobs, materials, and needs.

Include Unlimited Employees and Partners in Your Projects

Workcube, a 100% web-based solution, makes all employees, partners (subcontractors, suppliers etc.) and even customers in the project work together. It enables people and companies from different geographies to carry out joint projects and keep in constant communication. All project meetings, emails, and correspondence are recorded. Customers can easily track online the progress of their projects in real time.

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM modules within the Workcube Construction Solution offer detailed customer profiles and relationship tracking that you will need for the sale of your projects. As you develop relationships with your customers, you can manage your sales opportunities processes more effectively.

With the campaign module in CRM, you can design customized campaigns for all channels (phone, direct mail, web, e-mail, direct sales, etc.) that you are in contact with the customer, manage the campaigns easily, and follow the results.

With the detailed sales, marketing and service analyses and reports provided by CRM, the Workcube Construction Solution can clearly measure the performance of your business and your projects, easily see the changes that need to be made, make quick decisions, and implement them.

Finance, Accounting, and Billing

The Finance, Accounting, Budget, and Invoice modules, which are part of the Workcube Construction Solution and operate in a fully integrated manner, enable you to manage the income and expenses of your company and projects in the most efficient manner.

The finance module also includes the Financial Management modules, such as cash, bank, check-note, as well as the Cost Management module, which enables you to manage all purchases and expenses effectively, and Financial Scenario modules that enable you to better monitor your cash flow by making future financial scenario executions.

The Workcube Accounting module for all types of financial statements and bookkeeping that comply with international and Turkish accounting standards allows full legal calculations and documentation to be fully integrated with finance and billing modules.

Workcube is a suitable solution for all companies doing business with international markets or international customers by supporting different language, currency, and tax calculations.

Budget Planning

Preparing a separate budget for each project is a time-consuming activity. The Workcube construction solution budget module allows you to easily create and track all project budgets. Since all budget plans are registered on the system, anyone concerned can make backward checks on the budget. Your budget plans become standard, easy to prepare and manage.

You can convert your budget into PDF, Microsoft Office, and Open Office files, print out, or send it as an e-mail.

Human Resources Management

Comprehensive Human Resource Management modules within the Workcube Construction Solution enable you to manage your employees' personal information and payroll processes, centralize your recruitment, conduct effective career management, and evaluate your employees' performance in 360 degrees. You can centrally manage the information belonging to all your employees at different companies, branches, and locations.

Agreement (Contract) Management

The Workcube Agreement Management module is a unique module that allows you to record, store, and manage contracts that you have signed with your customers, sub-contractors, or third parties. The agreement rules in the agreement module are directly associated with the invoice and finance module. This ensures that sales and purchases are 100% compatible with contract terms.

Procurement and Supplier Management

The Workcube Construction Solution enables you to manage all your product and service purchases for your company and projects with the most efficient and optimal cost.

Digital and Physical Asset Management

The Digital and Physical Asset Management Module enables you to securely store all the documents and digital assets (project drawings, master plans, project forms, correspondences, etc.) in your company on a central database and share them with all your employees regardless of geography . It is possible to search through digital assets in Workcube where the files can be uploaded in every extension and format including video and audio recordings.

The Physical Asset Management function enables you to keep records of all your physical assets (motor vehicles, construction equipments, IT assets, etc.) used in different projects and to carry out centralized repair and maintenance work. Assets are associated with departments, projects, and people. Any information such as location of asset, warranty information, service company information, and periodic maintenance details to be made can be recorded.

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