Workcube Distribution

The Workcube Distribution solution offers functions and tools in which all in-house and field operations can be controlled as integrated with the buying, selling, and distribution processes.

Workcube Distribution includes all ERP + CRM + SCM + Foreign Trade + Project Management + B2B + B2C functions for businesses in sales and distribution activities in national and international markets.

Effective Inventory Management

The inventory management module included in the solution enables you to track inventory in a comprehensive way during the distribution of your products and to share your inventory information with your suppliers and customers. It ensures the complete execution of all import transactions for importing enterprises.

With Workcube you can keep hundreds of thousands of different stock codes (SKUs), and you can follow stocks according to the variations of products. You can also follow your stocks on a location basis, and can create different stock strategies for each product or product category.

Stocks are categorized according to criteria such as critical stocks, inadequate stocks, and overstock. Workcube provides you with a structure to track inventory costs in detail.

Comprehensive Product Management

An unlimited number of products can be managed with the Workcube Distribution Solution. An unlimited number of categories can be created in the hierarchy. The product management module provides comprehensive category management with category-based functions such as pricing and storage.

Workcube allows unlimited combinations and allows multiple products to be sold together. It offers unique solutions with functions such as flexible price and quota management. In addition to product images, you can add unlimited content to the product as opposed to a short description field in many software applications.

You can manage all of the information related to the product such as target market, competition, shelf life, prices, stock details, warranty information, cost information, and buy and sell conditions on a single screen.

Shipping and Logistics Management

With Workcube Shipping and Logistics Management Module, you have the tools that will make it easy to deliver your orders correctly and on time. You can keep track of the status of your product (along with its past information) in real-time, such as procurement, logistics, shipping, and so on, starting from the purchase order to the sale and delivery of the product.

Warehouse and Storage Management

The Workcube Distribution Solution has warehouse-management functions that allow you to define an unlimited number of warehouses. You can store your products more efficiently by separating your warehouses into locations and shelves. The warehouse management functions included in the solution are integrated with the sales, purchasing, and product-management modules.

Price and Promotion Management

With Workcube promotion and pricing tools, you can develop flexible pricing policies and increase your mobility in response to rapidly changing market conditions. Quickly create promotional options such as surplus and discounts, and send your campaign to your sales representatives and customers via e-mail and SMS.

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