Workcube IT

Workcube offers technology companies a comprehensive solution focused on increasing productivity and sales.

Designed to meet all the specific needs of the information industry, Workcube IT Solution is an affordable integrated solution for all IT companies, especially hardware distributors and manufacturers.

In addition to the basic modules and functions such as accounting, finance, sales, purchasing, and inventory management in Workcube, the functions customized according to the needs of the IT sector are as follows:

Channel Management 

With the B2B portal in Workcube IT Solution, IT companies can provide full integration with their vendors and sales channels. Resellers can execute all processes through the web until after-sales service from the bidding process.

Workcube offers a comprehensive proposal management tool, which IT companies and their sales channels can bid together and prepare joint projects. With the proposal templates, the proposal preparation process is accelerated and the quality of the proposals is also increased. During the bidding process, dealers and parent companies can jointly execute the approval process.

Service & Support Management

There are many tools in Workcube to meet the support services that IT companies are heavily involved with. Service application, assignment and tracking management, helpdesk, online audio / video communication tool, warranty tracking system, monitoring, and management of the support accounts are just a few of these tools.

Service & Support staff can respond to customers much more quickly and accurately because they have detailed information about products and services. Operations such as call tracking, warranty, and support contract follow-up are automated.

Comprehensive Product Management 

Unlimited number of products can be managed with the Workcube IT Solution. Unlimited number of product categories can be created in a hierarchical order. The product management module provides comprehensive category management with category-based functions such as pricing and storage.

Workcube allows unlimited product combinations, allowing IT companies to sell multiple products together. It offers unique solutions to the IT sector with functions such as flexible pricing and quota management.

All information related to the product such as target market, competition, shelf life, prices, stock details, additional information, product comments, questionnaires, warranty information, cost information, buying and selling conditions are all managed from one center.

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