Identify your customers' needs, accelerate your operations, lower your costs, make smart decisions, and increase your business productivity with the Workcube Catalyst family of products. Choose the right component for your current needs, add other Workcube Catalyst components when and where you need them as your business grows and evolves. Spread your digital transformation investment in time. Expand your software with your business.
ERP - FA Finance Accounting

Making the right decisions is possible by reaching the correct data. Workcube Catalyst Finance & Accounting allows you to manage your company's current financial operations and data in real time and with integrity.

ERP - SD Sales Distribution

The Workcube Catalyst Sales & Distribution product, developed for distribution, retail, and warehousing businesses, brings you all the functions you need to manage your procurement, sales and logistics processes in different locations in a single, centralized manner.

ERP - MM Production

The Workcube Catalyst Production solution gives you a dynamic production-process planning, management, and an intelligent structure that you can integrate into production machines.

CRM - Customer Relations

Workcube Catalyst CRM brings you closer to your customer. Business development and sales employees can record all information about the customer as well as follow the digital traces left by customers.

HR - Human Resources

Plan your organization with Workcube Catalyst HR-bring your remote offices, factories, and work places together on the internet. From single-unit operation to group companies, Workcube Catalyst HR offers the ideal solution for any size of business.

PMS - Project Management

With Workcube Catalyst Project Management, you manage your time and resources, your project income, and your expenses. You get real-time reports on progress payments, project workforce costs, material requirements, and much more.

PAM - Physical Asset Management

Workcube Catalyst Physical Asset Management is used to keep records of all physical assets, motor vehicles, and IT assets in your company, and centralize all repair and maintenance work.

CMS - Content Management

The Workcube Content Management System provides functions that allow you to easily manage all your corporate web sites (B2C & B2B sites, eLearning Sites, HR Recruitment portals, etc.). Workcube offers a powerful content-management tool for these sites, which are directly integrated into Catalyst ERP, HR, and CRM solutions.

DAM - Digital Asset

The universal cataloging capability of Workcube Catalyst allows you to organize your digital assets together with all the details. The fundamental advantages offered by the Workcube Catalyst Digital Asset Management solution include: multi-format support, revision tracking, customized archive access, effective centralized storage and management.

LMS - Education Management

The Learning Management and eLearning modules enable enterprises to centrally manage all training activities and easily facilitate online training. With the Workcube Learning Management System, you can plan training for your employees, partners, and even for your customers.


Workcube Catalyst e-Government Solution provides a total solution for all e-Transformation integrations of Workcube customers who are subject to the  Presidency of Revenue Administration’s (GIB) e-Invoice, e-Ledger, and e-Archive applications.

SUBO - Subscription

The Workcube Catalyst Subscription Management solution provides you with all the components you need to effectively manage your subscription-based services and product processes, such as subscription contracts, subscriber relationship management, periodic billing, and delivery.

POS - Retail

The Workcube Catalyst POS-Retail Solution enables all businesses, especially retailers, who sell in stores and online, to effectively manage activities such as credit card sales, online sales, online pricing, cash registers, and data exchange. 

B2B & B2C

The Workcube Catalyst B2B & B2C solution provides you with web sites, e-commerce sites, reseller-supplier portals, training sites, HR-Career portals, and joint project-management portals that integrate with your solutions such as Catalyst ERP, CRM, LMS, HR, and Project Management.


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