CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Catalyst CRM brings you closer to your customer. Business development and sales employees can record a lot of information about the customer as well as follow the digital traces left by customers. Campaigns, interactions, meetings, visits, mails, complaints, service and guarantee transactions, surveys, suggestions, opportunities, offers, orders, joint projects - you name it.

Catalyst CRM allows you to proactively and efficiently manage your sales activities, marketing programs, and service and support operations.

It is important for you to know your customers. Workcube Catalyst aims to deepen the relationship between your business and your customers. It enables you to measure your customers' profitability and customer satisfaction in real time.

CRM - SM (Sales & Marketing)

With detailed sales, marketing and service analysis and reports delivered by Catalyst CRM, you can clearly measure your business's performance, evaluate your customers, marketing, sales, and service activities in every aspect, easily see all necessary changes, and make quick decisions that implement them.

CRM SG (Service and Guarantee)

Catalyst CRM -SG manages all kinds of customer demands and complaints in a real-time and versatile manner and brings customer satisfaction to the last point. It provides a reliable and effective solution for service and support professionals in the course of accepting, monitoring, routing, and analyzing customers' service and support requests. It enables you to systematically record and track customer calls and inquiries. Workcube Catalyst accelerates the response time, improves the solution for not only the first call but also the entire support process.


CRM - SM (Sales and Marketing) Contact / Lead / Opportunity Management / Campaign and Event Management / Sales Force Planning  

CRM-SG (Service and Guarantee) Complaint Management / Fault and Guarantee Management / Maintenance Procedures

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