ERP – FA Finance and Accounting

Making the right decisions is only possible by gathering the correct data. Workcube Catalyst Financial Accounting enables you to holistically manage your company's current financial operations and data in real-time, by integrating them with e-government applications, and making accurate forecasting and planning through real-time, consolidated analysis.

"Three-dimensional and three-currency financial control in your business"

The Catalyst Finance-Accounting functions support multiple currency transactions. All financial transactions are in three dimensions: accounting, current, and budget. Workcube Catalyst proposes new approaches to businesses such as fiscal discipline under budget, future-oriented cash management, and cross-audit.

You can follow your company's daily financial transactions, cash flow and balance of debt receivables at a glance from the "Finance & Accounting Agenda" page, which you can design as you like thanks to easy-to-configure mobile-compatible screens. And it's 24/7 and device independent.

When you add another location to your company or expand your business with new companies, you can start using the Catalyst Financial Accounting solution in these locations and companies within minutes.


Basic Accounts Receivable / Accounts Receivable Management / Cash Management / Accounting Transactions / Accounting Tables / Notebooks / Cost Accounting / Fixed Assets

Advanced Budget / Collateral and Risk Management / Credit / Securities / Rediscount and Valuation

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