Workcube All in One: Holistic System for Your Business

100% Web Based ERP + CRM + HR + Project + Reporting and more... 
Workcube covers all the functions needed to manage all departments, operations and processes in a business. Organizations that use Workcube with all its functions are enterpriss that have completed e-business transformation and are ready to do business with the world.

Workcube offers unique integrated planning and business-management capabilities for organizations by introducing a brand-new definition of the ERP concept. Workcube enables you to manage your business with CRM, HR, Project Management and BI solutions that integrate with ERP. It offers you all the functions you need to manage all your departments, operations, and processes in an integrated, on-premise, or cloud environment.

Workcube can be considered as a complex compound of enterprise software solutions expressed in different categories and definitions for the past and the present. From this point of view, Workcube ERP covers all functions for solutions regarding finance, accounting, production, distribution, and sales. Workcube offers an integrated system for institutional use. 

Workcube Catalyst is the largest, newest ERP in the world today, with the  unique scope and technology of enterprise software.

Workcube covers all corporate departments from accounting to finance, production to distribution, marketing to sales. From customer service to training, from call center to online sales, it manages all your operations in a complete and integrated way. It streamlines all your processes from management to planning, from measurement to reporting. It contains all communication and collaboration tools for sharing information and documents such as e-mail, SMS, online messaging, video conferencing, group correspondence, corporate forums, and digital archives. It is an integrated solution covering all players in economic environments including employees, customers, suppliers, and dealers.

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