PMS – Project Management System

Workcube Catalyst Project Management creates a virtual business environment that allows employees to collaborate with each other, connect with business partners and customers, share critical business information and documents for certain business processes, and enable common projects to be carried out more efficiently and quickly. 

Workcube Catalyst Project Management is fully integrated with other Catalyst products and modules such as budget, invoices, expenditures, finance, accounting, inventory, order management, payments, and purchasing. 

With Workcube Catalyst Project Management, you manage your time, resources, project income, and expenses. You get real-time reports on progress payments, project workforce costs, material requirements, etc. You will be able to work together with all your employees, business partners (dealers, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) and even your customers in any project.

With Catalyst PMS, all project meetings, e-mails, and correspondence are centrally recorded. Customers can easily track online the progress of projects in real time.


Project and Task Management

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