Workcube Catalyst: Information-management systems for businesses that want to be as smart as Einstein and as agile as Bruce Lee

Workcube Catalyst is not just a software, it has business models and creative approaches specifically designed to help you manage and organize your business better. Workcube Catalyst provides you with the most comprehensive enterprise-management system functions in the cloud environment.

Compatible with your changing needs

Workcube Catalyst mainly includes ERP, CRM, and HR solutions. As an add-on, a large number of functional and sectoral solutions such as Project Management, Physical Asset Management, CMS, and Intranet are integrally sold together with Workcube Catalyst. You start with what you need today and continue to add new functions and modules in line with the evolving needs of your business.

Whether in the cloud or on your server

Workcube Catalyst is 100% internet based and works on cloud architecture. You can use Workcube Catalyst either through user-based monthly subscription fees, or with unlimited-user on-premise licensing for your server. Based on cloud architecture, Workcube Catalyst brings you not only software, but also a technological infrastructure that you do not have to manage. Concepts like server, networking, hosting, backup, upgrading, data recovery, and disaster management are wiped out of your life. Workcube Catalyst configures and manages all of these for you.

Easy Customizable Structure

Without coding, you can create new pages, add fields on any page, change the location of the fields, and make them invisible or read-only. Likewise, you can customize each menu according to your needs, as well as quickly create designs in any format in the system.

Responsive Design

Employees, business partners, and customers access the system securely with a computer, tablet, or smartphone without having to install any programs. They do their jobs, communicating and collaborating with each other.

Quick and Easy Implementation  

Unlike traditional ERP implementations that last for months or even years, a short training is enough to make the Workcube Catalyst work for your company. Authorized System administrators and super-users can easily customize the application with the training they receive. They can make System General Settings, set parameters, and create import files. They set user permissions that control the access of users to specific functions. By organizing menus, pages, forms, and screens, users are able to use Workcube in the most efficient way.

User Friendly Interface

Whether in the office or on vacation, whenever your employees get access to the system, Catalyst's agenda page meets them. In accordance with their authority and responsibilities, employees follow the business agenda through their personalized homepage and start their work. Birthdays, events, rules, and new employees are announced on the main page. Overstocks, complaints to be resolved, new orders, and production orders are found on the employees' main page in accordance with their position and system authorization.

Fast Integration with Third-Party Applications

With its web services and integration tools, Workcube Catalyst exchanges data securely with other applications. There are logistics companies, banks, and e-government applications that can be directly integrated. The open structure allows Workcube Catalyst to integrate many popular applications such as MS Exchange, Google, Office Live, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay.

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