Accelerated Audit

Audited Projects Reach Success

Having the right to use the Workcube does not immediately translate to using it well and generate great benefits. Often, businesses think of software as a magic solution to management problems. However, ensuring consistency in business is possible through the consistent use of data and Workcube.

Information systems are open to user mistakes and unfortunately, manipulation by malicious authorized users.

Within the context of accelerated audit service, the companies that use Workcube Catalyst are provided with our 3-way accelerated inspection service in order to determine in a timely manner the mistakes and deficiencies in the system and data used in the system, to identify new needs arising due to business change and transformation, and to take necessary actions for all of these.

  • Financial Audit
  • Operational Audit
  • Organizational Audit

Accelerated audit services are provided by our business partners, such as management consultants, HR consultants, financial advisors, or auditors who knows Workcube very well. This service is used to detect and correct inconsistencies in your accounting and finance transactions that may occur through human error (or manipulation), thus ensuring that the system you are using is efficient and suitable for your business.

We strongly recommend that all customers who have used Workcube for several years will benefit further from this service.

This service also allows you to easily adapt your new functional needs (e-government applications and changes in legal legislation, global market opening, changes in your organization, etc.) that can emerge in parallel with changes and developments in your business, in your industry, or in the location where you do business.

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