Custom Development

Workcube Catalyst customizations can be made internally by our customers with their WorkcubeDev product and open-source code, while our customers can also receive services from our Workcube Community member partners.

The customization process that starts with analysis in the direction of customer demands is carried out with appropriate tools according to the function and scope of the customization.

  • Create Visual and Functional Pages with XML Parameters
  • Develop Custom Reports
  • Design Custom Processes with Process and Transaction Category Tools
  • Create Custom Pages (add_options / extra)
  • Get Service On-Site with Outsourced Software Support

Any business that uses Workcube Catalyst can receive custom software development support from certified partners in the Workcube Community to enrich standard functionality. With the software support provided by specialized Workcube developers, your work becomes fast and easy- and you save time.

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