Digital Transformation with QPIC-R Methodology

Are you ready for digital transformation?

Your business is faced with new expectations, competitors, channels, threats, and opportunities in every way. It is now impossible to adapt your business for today and tomorrow without involving digital change.

With its original QPIC-R methodology, Workcube focuses on your business and your customers' expectations, examines your core capabilities and business processes, and then determines whether you are ready for digital transformation.

Whether you are in a production, trade, or service sector, Workcube determines what information-communication technologies you need in your business and how you should use them. his work also demonstrates how the Workcube Catalyst ERP + CRM + HR solution and its complementary products will contribute to your business.

With the QPIC-R Model, we gather the following information about your business using on-site inspection, in-depth interviews, questionnaire, open discussion, focus-group techniques, and output compilation.

  • Basic Business Information
  • Sector and Competitive Information
  • Product/Service Value Proposition and Core Capability
  • Business Model and Strategy
  • Job Functions and Workflows
  • Organizational Structure and Organization
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • Time-Value Matrix

As a result of the work, the "Company-specific Digital Transformation Project" is prepared..

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