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Users, super-users, developers, and Project managers who have been trained at Workcube and have completed the certification process will generate more value for your business and increase your productivity. Workcube regularly opens in-class and online trainings for its partners, clients, and community members. Workcube Catalyst user companies can also purchase these training services specifically for their user groups in their own offices.

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Project Management and Implementation Trainings

How to manage a Workcube Catalyst ERP, CRM, HR projects or a different software project? Which universal methods should you use? What do you need to know for the success of your project?

Who Should Attend: Workcube Business Partners, company managers using Workcube, IT managers, and employees

Functional Trainings

With function-oriented trainings like Finance, Accounting, Production, Payroll, Marketing, and Supply Chain, users learn all the details of Workcube products or modules.

Who Should Attend: Workcube Business Partners, company managers and employees using Workcube

Development Training

This training includes what needs to be learned to develop applications, add new functions, make customizations, create reports, and design templates on Workcube. These trainings include basic software standards and languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CFML, CSS, XML, SQL, and JB components, as well as Workcube-specific curricula for developers at different levels. With these trainings, you will be able to expand your own Workcube.

Who Should Attend: Workcube Business Partners, software developers who want to develop on ColdFusion, and company software teams who want to do independent customization on their Workcube Catalyst System

Data Base Training

Architecture, structure, database design and reporting approaches of Workcube Catalyst databases are included in this training.

Who Should Attend: Software experts who want to prepare desktop and web applications, who want to support their careers with Workcube certifications


In parallel with the development of the ERP market, these trainings aim to meet the increasing need for ERP specialists.

This program offers a training opportunity that will not be missed by those who want to work as a Workcube ERP or Workcube HR Specialist. Those who have attended and successfully completed both specialist training courses are certified.

Who Should Attend: Senior students and graduates of universities, new graduates who want to work in the field of human resources or ERP or those who want to carry forward their careers in those areas, Workcube Business Partners, and Workcube users

All Workcube online and classroom trainings are conducted in the Workcube head office.

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