Manage all your interlocutors and their contact information!

Manage all contact persons, demographic information, and contact information of your contacts, accounts, and suppliers with Workcube. Monitor and grow your network.

Filtering the members based on different criteria (Members' active-passive status, address, phone, name, surname, etc.)
Register potential customers and suppliers
Recognize the responsible, track all relations, and communicate with customers and suppliers
Reach thousands of members on a single screen
Identifying the contact persons for corporate and individual members
Defining member's site access rights
Arranging member social media accounts
Keep track of the member's personal and educational information.
Ability to increase customer satisfaction
Consider every aspect of your marketing, sales, and service activities for your customers, not just one
Manage after-sales support, marketing programs and service support operations effectively and efficiently

Set Contact Persons for Your Accounts and Contacts!

CRM works fully integrated with other Workcube applications. Determine your contact contacts for Account and Contacts, speed up your opportunity and offer transactions.

Follow Your Customers and Suppliers on a Single Screen!

With Workcube CRM Contact, it is possible to record the potential customers and suppliers that your business wants to be in contact with, to get to know the interlocutors, and to follow all the relations and communication with the customers and suppliers.

Customize Contact Members Details.

Documents, notes and analyzes can be prepared in details of contact members. All personal and training information can be managed on a user basis and integrated with other modules.

According to the IDC Commercial Software Taxonomy research, in order to be compatible with the digital economy, you must have a secure and scalable infrastructure with 33 main software under 7 titles.

Workcube offers 28 main software on a single platform. It brings together 33 components with Google Workspace. CAD-CAM and engineering applications are integrated, strengthening your digital muscles!